The eagle has inspired many through the ages.
To see him is to see visions of fierceness,
freedom, determination, pride, and majesty.
He radiates an awareness, a keen sense of focus,
an intesity and spirit that is swift and sure.

Mountains, lakes, fen and forrest, the
majesty of God's whole creation envelops
our senses when we behold the eagle's image.
Few symbols can invoke so many emotions, and
mental impressions, as this tremendous bird.

No wonder then, that the highest rank and honor
in Boy Scouts is represented by the glorious eagle.

The Eagle Scout stands out like his high flying
counterpart in comparison to his contemporaries.
His strenth and character is second to none, as
he soars above others in his fulfillment of the scout
law, and his will to excel in mind, body, and spirit.

Such words as "duty to God and country", come
from his core and are not uttered lightly or in vain.
Rare words in today's society such as truth, loyalty,
helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful,
thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent, are not only in his
speech, but in his character and everyday walk.

So fly on dear Eagle Scout, soar high through this world.
Personify all that is good in this symbol of majasty,
glorify your Creator and His works in your life, and you
will have fullfilled your roll as a bearer of the name "Eagle".

Mike Sullivan
(I wrote this for my son Nicholas when he received his Eagle
award Oct 22 2006)



All paths of this life
lead to one end

though the end
is just a beginning

Two paths are there laid
two destinies eternal

One the wish of all
one the doom of many

Each life that is lived
has determined their own

Hope belongs to the saved
obedient to the faith

Who have died to self
and are born again

No second death
can harm them now

They have sown to the Spirit
reaping life everlasting.

Mike Sullivan 06/16/06
for Dan Boyer & Jackie Spigelmyer



Such a waste today
in my minds eye
anger flows amid such loss
at one time Hope was in your grasp
so many cared, so many prayed
but the light you did not choose
self destruct was your mode
why dear friend did it end this way?
I taught my children
we spoke of death
we spoke of joy
we spoke of despair
we spoke of choices
life is choices
death is choices
final choices that last and last
why dear friend did it end this way?
I think of seeds
I think of potential
food and light give all a chance
yet some do start and fade away
your leaves came forth
you started to grow
but you hid from the light
the food you would not take
it's over, it's final, you're gone
why dear friend did it end this way?

Mike Sullivan
Read at Rich Clossan's funeral who was my friend & brother in Christ.


Reply To a Fool

Do you know what you're doing,
do you know what you've done?
Did you know the Lord Jesus,
is God's only son?
You're not the first to mock him,
at the cross cruel words were said.
He cried "Father forgive them",
as his blood was shed.
He took God's wrath,
our punishment to him applied.
Jesus was the lamb of God,
we are why Jesus died.
The sacrifice was perfect,
complete, and true.
A sacrifice so great
to save me and you.
His cleansing blood is available,
to any and all.
No matter what you've done,
you can answer the call.
All can be forgiven,
if you will but turn and obey.
Or you can forget it,
and explain at judgement day!

Mike Sullivan
I wrote this in response to some web site I came across that was mocking Christ.


First Born

Our first born has left the nest,
in God's hands we will rest.
Two more we will grow,
if the Lord wills it so.
21 years, my baby and me.
How was it done? Love was the key.
The years have flown by,
we have grown, you and I.
And so we will be,
in faith, on bended knee.

Wrote for my wife when Dustin left for college

I am, therefore I know God is.
If I wasn't, God still would be.
You are, do you know God is?
If you aren't, it doesn't matter.

Just a little tidbit I wrote but I think it says alot.



I heard the Word,
and I believed.
I confessed my sin,
and was relieved.
I called upon him,
in repentance I turned,
to the Son of God,
for Him I yearned.
Immersed into his grave,
my old man died.
In likeness I arose,
"Born again" the angels cried.
And now with His help,
the strait and narrow I choose,
because walking in Christ,
by his word, I can not lose.
The problems of this world,
they're still here you see,
but now I look ahead,
to glorious eternity.
So let me tell you friend,
of the Savior I've found,
you can do the same,
be born anew - Heaven bound!

By, Michael J Sullivan