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Updated 08/10/12

I struggle every year with telling people what I might want as a gift. So I figured I would put a list here and add to or subtract from it as things change. At least that way I will always have a list at my fingertips.
I already have the greatest gifts in my salvation, my family, and my overall good health, but who am I to deny that it's nice to receive other gifts now and then eh?

# Friendship & prayers (always welcome)
# Donation to Potter's Children Home in my name. See OR Click Here To Donate
Thank you to the following for donations: Dustin S. 3/09,
# Pocket Knife with LED light (all in one)
# Folding solar charger (for cell phone etc)
# Solar powered outside light and / or motion light and / or hard wired spot light for US flag on a pole.
# Quality American Flag for flagpole. Quality Gadsden flag (black or yellow) for flagpole.
# NICE tie tacks (pearl, silver, gold)
# Authentic coo coo clock
# Subscription: "The Limbaugh Letter" by Rush Limbaugh - Click Here
# Subscription: "Reason & Revelation" or "THINK" Magazine from Apologetics Press - CLICK HERE
# BOOKS: See My Wish List at AMAZON.COM
# Coleman fuel
# 9mm target ammo (Appx $15/bx 50)
# Kel-Tec Shotgun (KSG)
# Amazon gift card
# Solar Cell Phone Charger